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Travel to the far northwest section of Marinette County and you'll find some of the most breathtaking views and spectacular scenery in the area. The quality of life in this well developed industrial base, amidst a friendly commu­nity, is something you must experience for yourself. 
Goodman is known for its colorful history. The Town of Goodman originated in 1908 as a logging community, and  owes its entire existence to the vision and knowledge of the Goodman family.  Robert B. Goodman  was one of the first in the nation to practice selective logging prac­tices, and he built a lovely community in which to house his employees. The eighth cutting cycle on the original Goodman Lumber Company land took place in 1999. From 1927 through 1999, 417 million board feet of timber have been removed, yet the tract still contains about the same volume of timber that it had in 1927. The town center, now known as the Goodman Club House, offered a ballroom, theatre, and restaurant. Famous entertainers frequented the Club House bringing top name perform­ances to the area.
Recreation is one of the Goodman-Dunbar area's featured attractions. Lake Hilbert offers a variety of opportunities for boating, camping, fishing, etc., and Goodman Park, named for "R.B." himself, is a short drive from downtown Goodman. It offers a walking bridge over Strong Falls, huge red pines, two lodges for day use rental, hiking-skiing trail, camping, picnicking and lovely scenery.

Large tracts of State Forest land, high quality trout streams, and crystal-clear lakes offer an abundance of recreational opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. Four of the county's finest trout streams flow through the forests of the Goodman-Dunbar area: the Peme Bon Won, also known locally as the Pemenee, the K.C. Creek, and the north and south branches of the Pike River. The Pike River has been declared a Wild River by the Federal Government, which means it carries certain restrictions to keep the river and its tributaries clean and free flowing. Snowmobilers and ATV enthusiasts will revel in the glory of freshly groomed trails, which are maintained year-round.